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How Nursing Scrubs Have Become More Comfortable and Attractive Nursing scrubs come in different designs and colors. Nursing scrubs can also be obtained in plus sizes. Sizes up to 5XL are available for nursing scrub suits. Now, you do not have to stick with scrubs that have one color only because you can wear those that have colorful and fun prints. For example, in whatever size you may be, you can wear a scrub suit in a cloud design on a blue background. There are lots of designs to choose from, but all of them are very comfortable. Speaking of design, a plus-sized scrub with a v-neck is very popular. This kind of nursing scrub often comes with three useful pockets. You will be delighted to find scrubs that are unisex and have matching drawstring pants. Likewise, these pants can be as large as 5XL. Moving on some scrubs have keyhole neck tops. In the same fashion, they come in fabrics that have various prints or patterns. Speaking of patterns, scrubs can have hearts, boats, flowers, wings and more. Moreover, quarter-length scrubs are also available. There are many attractive designs but when choosing a scrub, one should choose quality, which means that it should retain its colors and print after every wash. Quality is what one should look for in shops that sell nursing scrubs.
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Next, when shopping for nursing scrubs, you also need to check how it would complement your body shape. For example, A-line types minimize the appearance of wide thighs or hips. Moreover, there are styles that minimize the appearance of big tummies or broad shoulders.
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Moreover, stretch technology have been added to modern nursing scrubs. Many brands have applied this technology in their line of nursing scrubs. One of these brands is WonderWink At the moment there are two available collections of stretch WonderWink scrubs. The first one is WonderFLEX collection, which has premium detailing and stretch elements. The other collection is called Four-Stretch and it refers to their styles uses 100% polyester, which is spandex free but it goes with the movement of your body. This collection boasts of double stitching for durability. There is another brand and it is Jockey. This one, unlike WonderWink, adds 7 percent Spandex to their scrubs for long-lasting durability and comfort. As for stretchy scrubs, there are many other brands available. The great thing is that they are available in sizes up to 5XL. Stretch scrubs is a plus to any wearer. Regardless of size, they are super comfortable because they move with you. These scrubs do not require tedious care. These stretch nursing scrubs allow ease of movement through your busy schedule. Also, they remain vibrant and retain their shape after so many washes and wear.