Find the best hotels in healthy destinations at Priceline

Consider Volcan, Panama, a small mountain village with a very low cost of living. See beautiful fauna and flora. Enjoy a fresh orange and homemade coffee from the region. Get ready to destress and experience the outdoors and go hiking, fishing or go birdwatching and spot a Quetzal. Feel better, enjoy tranquility and go for a thermal bath in Volcan hot springs.

Stay at Hotel Central Boquete in Chiriqui Province. Relax in a hammock while enjoying the sunset. Rooms are comfortable and clean with a flat screen TV and a private bathroom. Staff is very helpful and makes your stay pleasant. Count on staff providing  suggestions to hot spots in town. Breakfast is delicious and there is also  a full American breakfast for an extra charge.

Consider Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Prepare to enjoy “La Pura Vida” (Pure Life), rest and relax. Enjoy an isolated beach, do something fun or just lay down. Not recommended to visit during rain season from April to November, but worth booking a trip for  total seclusion. Visit the small beach village Montezuma.Hike to  Montezuma Waterfalls and experience serenity at its best. Get ready for an adventurous diving experience and try rope swinging.

Stay at El Jardin in Montezuma. Go for a swim or a couple laps in the swimming pool. Breath fresh air and smell the blooming flowers. Take a walk to nearby beach. Rooms are large and clean with a terrace overlooking the garden or patio. Friendly staff provides assistance with arranging your outdoor activities such as snorkeling or trip to the city. See wildlife roaming the hotel as you sip on your morning coffee.

Consider Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Experience the “Valley of Longevity” in Vilcabamba. Breath clean air, eat freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and enjoy excellent weather. Kick stress out, go laid-back and feel part of  the beautiful scenic views. Feel refreshed, relaxed and enjoy a very affordable massage in the mountains above Vilcabamba at Hosteria Izhcayluma Spa. Go on an adventure hike up the mountains and back to the river. Take time off and meditate to connect with nature. Feel healed and get rid of current issues at Lotus Center. See small replicas of famous buildings from around the world or go paddle boarding at Parque Recreacional Jipiro.

Stay at Jardin Escondido, a very tranquil and peaceful hostel. Rooms are clean, spacious and have comfortable beds. Enjoy an on-site spa, get a body treatment and relax for minutes in the hot tub. Staff will make you feel at home and will assist  in any way they can. 24/7 front desk  provides suggestions on places to visit. Go for a bike ride around the hostel area. Relax and enjoy a moment to yourself in the quiet garden and  serenade to  the singing birds.

Experience the life to the fullest  in a healthy destination and find great hotels at Priceline.